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Securing Head Start’s Future

Ensure a unified voice for all Head Start and Early Head Start children is heard in every statehouse, in Congress, and in the White House

NHSA is the only national organization advocating solely for Head Start and Early Head Start children and their families

Dollar Per Child is the only source of support for NHSA’s national advocacy efforts - not a single membership dollar is used. Where do your contributions go?

The 2013-2014 Campaign

Our goal is to raise one dollar for each of the one million children in Head Start and Early Head Start programs across the nation.

We’ve formed a national Dollar Per Child Advocacy Council to mobilize the national campaign. They will work with state associations and local programs to plan events in every state throughout the year.

The campaign launches July 1, 2013. We will track progress toward our goals on a Leaderboard.

At the December 2013 NHSA Parent Conference in Atlanta, we will recognize the states and the programs that met their dollar per child goal in 2013.

At the opening session of the Annual Head Start Conference in May, 2014, we will invite programs and states to bring the results of their Dollar Per Child campaigns before thousands of their colleagues.

For mor information visit the DPC Page.

El Taller: Conversaciónes con Mamás está programado para mañana @ 8:30am @ Centro de Cantu!

Aprenda a construir y fortalezer lazos entre padres e hijos en nuestro Taller: Conversaciónes con Mamás conducido por David Carrillo

Llame al 1-773-242-2700 para reserva su espacio!

Congratulations to our 2014 Abriendo Puertas Class! You did it! Our dedicated students attended class week after week gaining a deeper understanding of their instrumental role as parents and the impact of parent involvement in their child’s educational success. We are extremely proud of our graduates staying on course to complete the 8 week parent education program!

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